Here, we hope to answer some commonly asked questions about the Studio…


What is the price per person for private events?

There are 2 types of workshops to choose from both varying in size and price. Please refer to the Private Events page for more details. We do not have group discounts.


When can I host a Private Event?

Certain workshops are only available on certain days of the week.

You may host your event on any day of the week that does not currently have a scheduled workshop (Exceptions are sometimes made). You can find this information on our calendar. Weeknight and weekend events are available, but act quickly because we usually schedule public workshops on weekends. We are flexible on times!


Okay, I’m ready to book a Private Event. What’s my next step?

Workshops are based on a first come, first serve basis. Please read all available information on setting up an event before contacting us to reserve your date. Dates will not be saved by request, a deposit is required to save your date.

​We do our absolute best to ensure your event on your desired date, but please note, we reserve the right to deny a date request regardless of calendar availability due to outside personal obligations. (travel, trade shows, holiday/family commitments)


Please have the following information included in your private workshop request email:

​Name of Host

Email Address

Phone Number

Name of Workshop for Calendar and Personalized Link

Date and Time requested

(remember – only dates without current events)

Number of Guests expected

Type of workshop and applicable sign options to offer your guests (see above)

​Upon receipt of this information, a Paypal invoice will be emailed to you. You have 24 hours to complete the deposit and your workshop will be on the calendar within 24 hours.

I’m short a few people for your private party minimums and don’t want to lose my deposit.

Please contact us for information on a smaller party.


I’d like to see “this” as an option!

We are always open to suggestions! If you’d like to suggest a design that you would like to see in our studio, please send us an email with the subject line – “idea!” We cannot guarantee your sign will show up in the studio.


Can you make something specific for me?

If you would like something specific, send us a request! There is a $20 design fee that applies to public and private workshops. We will cannot re-create any design that is copyrighted or protected under licensing. All requests must be made 72 hours in advance.


I don’t see the sign I would like to make on the day that I would like to come, may I do a sign that isn’t on the schedule for that workshop?

We require that you stick with the options offered for that evening as our workshops are planned in advance. We offer weekly “YOU-PICK” workshops and various options throughout the month.

Please note – most of our designs may be used on the different size signs that we offer!


May I sit next to my friends?

If you have more than 6 you will not share a table, but tables are close!

Each of our tables seat 6 guests. Be sure to put the people you would like to seat next to on your registration form! We recommend your friends sign up right around the same time to ensure everyone gets a seat in the same workshop.


Please contact us for smaller private workshops!


I have to cancel or I couldn’t make my workshop. 

Things happen, that’s okay! You should still have a beautiful piece for your home, made by you! You may come to any similar public workshop on our calendar to make your project! Due to the individualized materials, no refunds are given for missed or cancelled workshops.


What are the ages permitted in the Studio?

All workshops, unless otherwise stated are 18 and up.

Mommy and Me is recommended for 5 and up.


​​Please contact us with any other questions, we are happy to help!

Contact Us!

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